Injury Prevention in Netball

The KNEE program is a courtside warm up routine to assist coaches in preparing their players to play! The regime has been shown to generally reduce injuries, specifically reducing ACL injuries from 40-70%!



  1. A biomechanical screening consultation can be useful to assess your strenght and control.
  2. In the event of an injury a physical examination of the Ankle & Knee Joint is indicated +/- onward referral for an MRI scan +/-Orthopaedic Consultation.

The KNEE program takes 10-12 minutes

Research suggests it should be done for a minimum of 10 weeks, 2-3 times per week.

The program needs to be maintained for the effects to be maintained, so never STOP!

There are FOUR sections, you must complete all exercises within each sections.

The structure needs to be consistent but the exercises can be varied.


As a coach, player or parent familiarise yourself with the age appropriate manuals and guides.

Perform the regime for a minimum of 10 weeks 2-3 times, then ongoing 2 times per week!

Never stop!! You must continue the regime to minimise the injury risk!

Allow enough time to perform the warm up in training sessions and before matches, you need 10-12 minutes!


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