Custom Insoles

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Custom Insoles

What are Phits 3D printed custom insoles?

Do you suffer with footpain? Or are you wearing insoles, but they do not give you enough support or they wear out quickly? At Physio2Live, Colchester we provide the solution to foot and lower limb pain with, Phits 3D printed custom insoles using the latest technology of the RS Footscan.

The RS Footscan is the most accurate pressure plate on the market, used by Nike to design trainers and by elite athletes such as Paula Radcliffe. This cutting-edge technology allows us to see the underneath of your foot and our expert Phits certified Physiotherapists will use the Foostcan technology to analyse your dynamic foot movements. You may be asked to stand, walk or run over the pressure plate, which will map your precise movement of the foot from, heel strike to the point where the foot leaves the ground. This gives us an incredible, in-depth understanding about your foot mechanics that are often not visible to the human eye, which we will provide in a full report. Then we can design your custom, personalise insole be sending the prescription to the lab in Belgium, where it is produced and returned to us within 10-14 days ready for fitting back in clinic. Phits 3D printed custom insoles are the worlds first dynamic insole offering optimal efficiency for movement and superior stability.

Why choose Phits 3D printed custom insoles?

In contrast to traditional cast orthotics that are a static impression, the RS Footscan assesses both your walking and running.  So your Phits 3D print custom insole design will give superiority to suit your individual gait, with a wide choice of insoles for sporting activities to everyday use. Phits can help heal injuries, or even better prevent injuries in the first place.  The prescription designed generated from your Footscan is specific and accurate to both the left and right foot during your gait cycle.

The Phits 3D printed custom insoles are lightweight, super strong and hard wearing with a wide range available to improve purely the comfort of your feet, or for the physically active to the professional athlete. Remember prevention is better than cure!

Why choose Physio2Live for Phits custom insoles?

We offer a 20 minute one to one post scan consultation to discuss the scan results in detail providing you with the opportunity to ask us any questions, as well as, a full written report of your scan.

In addition, we are passionate about injury prevention and are unique offering injury prevention care plans. Our prevention plans consist of a simple footscan through to a full review of how you move highlighting any potential injury risks, along with a comprehensive prevention prescription that may consist of physiotherapy, sports massage, personal training, as well as weight and lifestyle coaching. So whether you are simply looking to improve the comfort of you feet when walking, or wanting to start running or compete at elite level sports, out prevention plans will keep you active doing the activities that you love.

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