Injury Screening Clinic

We provide a full support and guidance from an acute injury to full recovery.

Injury Screening Clinic

We offer rapid access to expert Healthcare Professionals

Musculoskeletal injuries are disorders of the muscles, nerves, tendons and joints and are the leading contributor to disability worldwide. They are prevalent not just in older age but across the life-course. At Physio2Live, Sports Injury & Wellness Clinic, Colchester we provide a FREE injury and health check consultation providing rapid access  to expert healthcare professionals. You may self refer to our Injury services and utilise the free screening clinic to chat with one our specialist Chartered Physiotherapists and find out how you may benefit from our services.

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Why book an Injury Screen Consultation?

Our dedicated team of expert clinicians are here to help you, to discuss how accessing our services can ease your symptoms, as well as, provide you with expert advice and guidance specific to your problem. We are medical trained healthcare professionals, registered with the Healthcare Professions Council (HCPC), autonomous practitioners who are medically trained. Thus, we can screen you for any serious medical problems and refer for investigations or urgent medical attention when indicated.

What can I expect from an Injury Screen Consult?

It is 15-20 minute consultation delivered remotely via our secure video platform or face to face. A brief medical history will be taken by our Chartered Physiotherapist, followed by some basic physical tests. Then, your clinician will discuss, how we can help you, along with any specific self management advice, education and exercises.

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Telehealth Treatment

If you are in pain, self-isolating or would prefer to minimise contact in any way, we have designed a way for you to get help quickly, in the safety of your home via Telehealth.