Health Plans & Fees

We offer flexible payment options for easy access to services.

Health Plans & Fees

At Physio2Live, we offer unique payment packages to help you get the treatment you need. With our flexible treatment and injury plans, your recovery will be seamless as our expert team of injury specialists get you the exact support that you require. So whether you have an injury or your training for a sports event and require a health check and biomechanics screen, we offer a variety of healthcare plans that will suit your goals and aspirations!

Premium Flexi Plan

£120 per month
Ultimate flexibility and total support

Weekly appointments

Bi Annual Health Check

Physiotherapy, Sports Massage, Footscan.

Plus Monthly Personal Training /Weight & Lifestyle Coaching Session

15% OFF Additional Services

Comprehensive Flexi Plan

£65.00 per month 

Regular sessions and treatment

Bi-monthly appointments

Annual Health Check

Physiotherapy & Sports Massage

Plus Six Annual Personal Training/Weight & Lifestyle Coaching Sessions

10 % OFF Additional Services

Basic Flexi Plan

£20 per month
A flexible payment for a course of treatment

Six appointments/annum

Physiotherapy & Sports Massage

10% OFF Additional Services

FREE Injury Screening Clinic


Pay As You Go

Physiotherapy Services

60 min Assessment            £50.00  

30 min Follow Up               £40.00  

Receive 10% off an Assessment when you book online

Gait Analysis Services

Gait & Footscan Assessment      £45.00    

Gait & Biomechanics Consult     £70.00  
(Consult includes treadmill videography and a footscan; Insoles are an additional fee)


3D Custom Printed Orthotics       £230.00  

(Inclusive of fitting & 1 year rescan)

Talar Made Insoles Starting from £45.00  

Sports Massage Services

(Book Online Get 10% Off an Initial Sports Massage)  

30 minutes                         £25.00  

60 minutes                         £35.00      

90 minute                           £45.00  

Talk To Us

Unsure if you need an appointment? Have one of our specialist Physiotherapists call you back to advise you on your condition.


Online Physiotherapy

If you are in pain, self-isolating or would prefer to minimise contact in any way, we have designed a way for you to get help quickly, in the safety of your home via Telehealth.