Struggling with a running injury?

Oct 15, 2020

Have you started running and struggling with an injury? Let us help with an online consultation.

We have been offering online consultations since the summer of last year and initially I wondered, can we help remotely? Can we assess what we need to without physical contact? And it soon became apparent to me and my patients, the answer was YES! If you’re still thinking how and why? Let me explain…simply the information you tell us is key, rather than the physical tests we do. We are always screening and excluding any signs and symptom’s suggestive of serious illness/injury during our subjective assessment. In particular, with runners you are able to tell us about your symptoms and pain behaviours, which help us form a working diagnosis. With advancements in technology and purpose-built physio apps, we can send tests in advance or we can guide you through them during the online session. We can upload exercises whilst we talk, review your control and monitor symptoms with this new software.

So, an online consultation can be an excellent way to get expert help and formulate a plan to get you back to fitness and sporting health.

Don’t suffer in pain, book online now at or call 0782 8264789.

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