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Nikki, a Chartered Physiotherapist founded Physio2Live in 2019 and has seen the clinic organically grow over the past three years . She is highly skilled with extensive experience,  she qualified as a physiotherapist in 2007 and has been specialised in musculoskeletal physiotherapy for over ten years, which enables her to get to the root of the problem quickly.. Nikki  believes an injury can be a positive experience, an opportunity to fine-tune a person’s biomechanics and look at ways to prevent issues in the future!

Nikki has worked in the NHS and private sector as a Physiotherapist over the years with a keen interest from the beginning in a health and fitness background having been a personal trainer for many years before she qualified as a Physiotherapist. So it was not long before she combined her enthusiasm for the two completing her post graduate certificate in Advanced Neuromusculoskeletal Physiotherapy. This gave her an even greater depth of the complexities of pain, health and fitness following an injury , so she gets to the source of the symptoms and the underlying cause!

Nikki sustained a serve knee injury herself many years rupturing her  Anterior Cruciate Ligament. whilst playing netball. Thus, she recognises the frustrations of being injured and the impact this has on a persons life. Nikki is realistic and pragmatic in her management approach. having experienced the difficulties first hand at being compliant with rehab for months and months. Life is extremely busy, finding time for rehabilitation can be difficult,  so Nikki and her team will always ensure their patients are at the centre of their own care plan to ensure the persons goals are smart and achievable.  She achieves this by being  a dynamic and proactive , educating her patients on how they can help themselves, by explaining  pain and showing the patient the underlying cause often associated with altered biomechanics and adaptive movement patterns.

In view of her personal injury it is no surprise her clinical area of interest is the lower limb biomechanics and injury prevention. However, she treats a wide variety of issues in both children and adults ranging from the sedentary office worker, amateur runner to elite ultra marathon runner, competitive cyclist, triathlete to recreational and professional golfers. Further areas that interest her is the science of pain and really enjoys helping those in persistent pain, headaches/migraine suffers and vertigo.

A further attribute of Nikki's is her passion for her work!  She genuinely  cares about her patients and their goals, she works with each patient individually to ensure their goals are smart and achievable. This is reflected in her approach both in her prescriptive rehabilitation and local treatments. She is always learning, keep up to date with the latest advancement in medicine and injury management through reading, podcast and training courses.

In addition to Nikki's expert knowledge she has established great relationships with consultants in Essex and local GP's having worked in the private sector for  over seven years . So you can feel confident in your care plan, she can refer direct for investigations such as , X rays, or scans, as well as, refer to consultations or GP's if a further medical or surgical management if needed. 

Nikki is also an Acupuncturist, being a member of the AACP (Acupuncture Association for Chartered Physiotherapists) for over ten years and trained in Medical Acupuncture, as well also known as Dry Needling, which she teaches to students within Essex and London. Outside of the clinic in her limited spare time, Nikki enjoys cycling with her family and is a keen netball player.

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