Lets improve your strength

Oct 15, 2020

Lets improve your strength

Strength is inversely correlated to pain, and improved strength often leads to improved function and decreased pain. But what is the most effective way to improve strength?

How many REPS are most effective to gain muscular strength?

Sets of 10-12 reps may improve strength, but generally strength gains are achieved most effectively with reps of 3-5 with heavier load. So, consider in subsequent training sessions to increase the load versus the number of reps performed resulting in a greater strength stimulus. It is important when load is increased the exercise is performed safely and there are no contraindications.

How many SETS are most effective to gain muscular strength ?

The evidence currently recommends 25-45 reps per muscle group per week. This equates to 5-9 sets per week per muscle group at 3-5 rep max.  Progression in the initial stages will depend on the baseline capacity and the experience of the individual. For training novices, a more slow, progressive approach of 3 sets of 5 with a lighter weight is advisable.

How often do I need to train ?

Frequency of training is a balance between the amount required and the physiological adaptations to occur, recovery and the time you have available. To improve strength and the rep range the optimal frequency is 2-3 times per week.

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