Nutritional Therapy & Lifestyle Coaching

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Nutritional Therapy & Lifestyle Coaching

Why chose Nutritional Therapy, Weight & Lifestyle Coaching?

At Physio2Live we will look at you holistically and promote a healthy diet and lifestyle because, what we eat has a profound impact on our health, injury recovery and how we feel. We offer a range of services, either as stand alone options or part of our integrated recovery prescription plans including fitness training, weight & lifestyle coaching, as well as, Nutritional therapy. So no matter what your goals and aspirations we can offer you the correct support to keep you active and healthy.

What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy doesn’t just tackle the symptoms, but looks for the root of health problems through professional analysis and assessment. It combines health-related sciences in a natural approach to maintaining good health. Of course it’s all about food and lifestyle, because these factors have a profound impact on the way we feel. Nutritional therapy can help those suffering from a wide range of health conditions, but also give those wanting to maintain good health and fitness a boost. She will look at enhancing and improving your food and lifestyle choices to help you achieve your health goals, drawing on functional testing and supplementation when required.

A consultation will consist of gathering a detailed history of your health and diet. With your goal in mind, we can link your symptoms to any imbalances, which lays the groundwork for an action plan. Then, we will work together to come up with an eating plan and lifestyle ideas that you find motivational and achievable. It will include suggestions for dietary and lifestyle changes. Nutritional supplements and further tests (non-invasive functional testing) will be recommended if needed.

At least one follow-up appointment is usually advisable 4-6 weeks on, to review your nutritional plan and see how you are progressing.

What is Weight & Lifestyle Coaching?

At Physio2Live we also offer weight and lifestyle coaching with our expert coach and trainer, Nolan Sunnassee. Nolan has over 15 years experience in the health & fitness industry and can provide you with expert training and lifestyle advice from support on healthy eating, weight loss, sleep quality and cycles, stress management and much more.

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Back & Neck Pain

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Knee Pain

Ankle & Foot Pain

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Elbow & Hand Pain

Headaches & Migraines

Vertigo & Vestibular Disorders

Sports Injuries - Running, Cyclists, Football, Netball, Rugby, Triathletes

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